Dr. Sharareh Tajbakhsh 

Prosthodontix was developed in 2019 by Dr. Sharareh Tajbakhsh to take polishing and restorative dental care to the next level.

Prosthodontix is an experienced and innovative dental products company committed to manufacturing high-quality, safe, and intuitive polishing tools. Our deep understanding of the restorative community allows us to create consistent and reliable products like Precision Points, designed to make the clinician’s life easier.

Prosthodontix Precision Point Polishers: Redefining Restorative Dentistry 

Regardless of the cause, the damaged interproximal surface(s) should be recontoured (and polished, if indicated) before the placement of a new direct restoration or the making of a definitive impression for an indirect restoration to improve future contact. When reconstructing proximal surfaces, two issues are of primary concern: contact tightness and surface contour. Creating tight proximal contacts between natural tooth-supported and implant-supported restorations should be a principal goal of the restorative dentist.

To achieve adequate hygiene and a healthy environment for the gingival papilla, an optimal contact area is necessary to provide stability for the teeth as well as an appropriately contoured gingival embrasure. It plays an important role in protecting the periodontium against damage caused by food impaction. Light or loose contact can lead to factors such as food impaction that can lead to decay, periodontal destruction, and pain.

Prosthodontix Precision Point Polishers allow dental practitioners to create an optimal contact that provides stability and an adequate gingival embrasure to maintain interproximal tissue health. It is incumbent upon dental practitioners to "do no harm." This adage can be applied to all aspects of restorative care. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of practitioners to prevent or minimize iatrogenic damage to adjacent teeth during preparation for direct or indirect restorations, it does occur.

Prosthodontix Polishers have a proprietary slender shape to fit between teeth to polish without causing harm to the proximal surfaces. Add Prosthodontix Polishers to your practice today.


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